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Patch management is one of the most important tasks your IT team undertakes. Businesses spend significant resources on keeping their infrastructure up-to-date, yet gaps are incredibly common. More than half of breaches could have been prevented by installing available software and OS patches.

Staying on top of all the important updates that need to be applied across a network — all while avoiding disrupting and frustrating end users — is obviously a tall order. And it's only more difficult when you're trying to do it across distributed workforces and at scale. 

Yet we hear from Ninja partners over and over again that using NinjaOne's patch management capabilities has helped them crack the code. In this guide we're sharing insights gleaned from their proven, real-world approaches, so you can improve your own patch management without recreating the wheel. 

Get insight into:

  • The best times to schedule patching scans and updates to stay secure while avoiding disruption
  • Common cadences for missed scans and updates
  • The most popular patch approval settings used to tailor patching to different risk profiles and manual/automated preferences
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