Involuntary IT in 2018

Study Reveals "Involuntary IT Managers" Are Missed Opportunity for MSPs

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The rise of the cloud and increasingly paperless offices has led to more and more employees needing to pitch in on IT tasks that aren't part of their normal job responsibilities. Since these “involuntary IT managers” (IITM) make an attractive sales target for our MSP partners, NinjaRMM surveyed 500 American office workers and found that 32% are spending 8 or more hours per month on IT tasks that are not part of their normal job duties. Ninja’s survey uncovered a host of valuable data about who these workers are and how they feel about these unofficial duties.

Key Findings Sneak Peek

  • 66% of IITMs are interested in hiring third-party IT contractors.
  • Cost is the top reason holding IITMs back from hiring an outside contractor for help.
  • Construction and healthcare are the industries where IITMs feel the least qualified to perform IT work.
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