Join the party ahead of World Backup Day

How confident are you in your backups? Put your prep, process, and quick thinking to the test by embarking with us on an epic tabletop adventure on Friday, March 29th.

Being able to count on your backups when it matters most is a cornerstone of cyber resilience, yet how often is your team actually playing out disaster scenarios and testing your ability to reliably restore?  

To celebrate World Backup Day (and the 50th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons), we’re once again inviting you to take part in an unforgettable training tabletop. You’ll join a party of fellow IT experts as we respond to a diabolical (but all-too realistic) disaster scenario forged in the darkest recesses of our Backup Product Manager Dan Myers’ brilliant, twisted mind [cue the maniacal laughter]. 

You’ll take part in fast-paced discussions and decision-making exercises to determine the best course of action in real-time. Your party’s choices — and dice rolls — will determine whether you successfully recover or fail. Along the way, you’ll:

  • Gain valuable insights into backup management and recovery best practices
  • Identify common points of failure
  • Sharpen your problem-solving and communication skills
  • Come together as a team

Our panel will guide you through each step of the exercise, providing tips and tricks from their real-world experience to help you succeed. But what evil surprises and injects will our DM PM have lying in wait? Don’t miss your chance to find out while spending a fun hour with us learning and leveling up your admin skill set. 

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